Speech @ Dhaka, Bangladesh


ANNISU(Revolutionary) Central Committee Chairman Ramesh Malla’s Speech @ Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dear Comrades

Respected Chairperson of the session,

Distinguished Chief Guest, Respected guests, the representatives, attendant ladies and gentle man.

I would like to express my red salute from Nepal.

I am glad to be here and to address this historic conference. The ANNISU (revolutionary) and Socialist Students’ Front, Bangladesh have been working together to establish the right of the world proletariat for long. I feel immense­ pleasure to adhere this glorious opening session. Equally I am indebted to my senior  Mr. Lekhnath Neupane, former chairperson and Mr Gopal Neupane  of our union who attended the silver jubilee celebration on july 2010 and my comrade Mr. Gopal Neupane who attended the previous year’s session.

Now, I would like to express my personal and on behalf of the Central Committee of ANNISU (revolutionary), for grand success of 4th national conference of  Socialist Students’ Front, Bangladesh. I would like to express solidarity of oppressed Nepalese people to the proletariats’ movement of Bangladesh.

In the past one year, Nepal has gone through three chains of huge political scenario; the devastating earth quake, promulgation of new constitution and unjustifiable blockade of India against Nepal and its people. The devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015 has killed 8 thousand 6 hundred 64 persons, 22 thousand above  peoples were injured and property including schools, religious heritages, hospitals worth around 66.7 billions nepali rupees got destroyed and it hampered whole socio-economic process of the country. Reconstruction and relief programme was the prime concern of the nation where the whole country expressed unprecedented unity. Our political party UCPN Maoist and Chairman Co. Prachanda showed strong leadership to address the challenge of the country. Our Union, ANNISU (revolutionary) reached to the earthquake affected area and had resque to people, distributed relief, conducted rehabilitation and reconstruction program with the help of thousands of volunteers and it is still continue.

The 19 days long people’s movement held in Nepal in March April, 2006 on the foundation of  10 years glorious people’s war, which established the Constitutional Assembly and  the constitutional assembly achieved historical political changes, abolished monarchy, established republic and promulgated new constitution of Nepal on    20th sept 2015. The new constitution has adopted federal structure with seven states, secular state, gender equality along with proportional representation of oppressed groups in any form, ethnicity, colour, religion, gender and class. The constitution has defined education, health,employee and food sovereignty as the fundamental rights of the people, besides the constitution has adopted the country as socialism oriented country, in the preamble of the constitution of Nepal. What we can conclude from above that the fundamental aims of people’s war to establish the capitalist democratic society have been uniquely achieved. Now the political ideology of Nepal is to maintain national integrity and sovereignty along with marching forward to socialist state by fighting against the bureaucratic and agent based capitalist state to serve for the utmost best to common oppressed people, equally we have to eradicate the residual roots of feudal state within the strategy of socialism.

Indian explanism, which was a micro manager of Nepalese politics in the past, did not get such role in the process of promulgation of new constitution. India imposed blockade against Nepal for the stand of Nepal for its national sovereignty. Supply of fuel, foods, and medicines were stopped. It created humanitarian crisis in Nepal and it hampered the national economy of Nepal very badly. The international community raised strong voice of disdain and continuous resist from the people of Nepal stressed India to step back from its unjustifiable blockade.  The country is still facing many challenges as impact of blockade; the price hike, black marketing, shortage of basic goods. The agents and smugglers are very active in the country now. The ANNISU (revolutionary) is launching joint protests against all these irregularities along with other student organizations in its leadership to aware the government.

The new constitution has enlisted education as ‘fundamental right’ and it is a matter of glory to us but the privatization, commercialization, and smuggling in the education has weakened the public education in Nepal and it has created huge class difference in education. Our union strongly stresses to promulgate new laws to abolish privatization, commercialization, and smuggling in the education and make free and scientific quality education commonly available to all people. Since our Union was established to launch democratic education and as it has been established as the fundamental right in the constitution, it is an achievement but there is still a huge range of discrimination and we have to struggle to end all types of discrimination in the flied of education, and establish socialist education.

Privatization, commercialization and smuggling in education is a new global challenge. The donors like  WB, ADB and IMF have entered into the field of education and they are creating new imperialism in education through conditional foreign donation or loan. We the people of developing countries like Bangladesh and Nepal are victim of this neo colonialism. And I would like to express my strong solidarity to the struggle against this neocolonialism, discrimination and exploitation.

Finally, I wish this convention would be able to elect new leadership that would be able to address this challenge faced by Bangladesh and the whole world. I wish you a grand success of this conference.

21 Mar. 2016


Stopped ! Privitization commericialization and smuggling in   education.

long live ! ANNISU(Revolutionary)

Long live ! Socialist Students’ Front

Red Salute ! Great Maryters


Thank you!